Deep experience designing and art directing physical and digital collateral for companies and non-profit organizations. Utilizing the basic notion of “form follows function” to visually express business communication to each intended audience for impactful marketing and business efforts.

Various Clients | Portfolio Overview

PPD Inc.

Innovation + Alliances = Results

That is the simple theme that I developed for PPD Pharmaceutical Inc. The CEO wanted to communicate exactly how their innovative medical...products, services, and worldwide alliances have given them steady growth results year after year.

Genworth Financial, Inc. | Annual Report

Rebuilding Shareholder Value

Utilizing clear typography to lead consistency of look through a variety style of visuals.

Various Clients | Website & Interactive Design

Hub International Insurance

Ad Site

Suffolk County National Bank

Coral Color Process

American Stock Transfer

Hub International E-Card

Dendrite Pharmaceutical Animation

J&J Snack Food

The Art of Our Snack Food Niche

J&J Snack Food corporation developed special niches in the snack food industry in areas of Venues, convenience & retail stores  and supermarkets. The art of how they develop and manage their business is supported by highlighting artistic imagery of  their products. Starting with their signature super pretzel and icee products, the imagery thought that book were produced in the fashion of Norman Rockwell to keep highlight the American growth and pride.

Visual Voice Magazine

Graphic Arts Collaboration

Visual Voice is a full publication concept developed for the collaboration of designers, artists, photographers, writers, illustrators, typographers, art organizations, galleries and art enthusiasts. I have design, directed and developed everything from the concept, naming, identity, business development and creative collaboration for the publication and website.

Various Clients

Stakeholder and Sustainability Reports

Design and art directing stakeholder reports for both print and interactive delivery. Stakeholders include corporate annual reports,  education donor reporting, sustainability, community reports and more.Working with investor relation, finance and marketing leaders in their efforts to effectively communicate their message and brand to each unique audience. Handling every creative aspect from concept to completion, including, concept, design, photography, illustration, iconography, infographic, production and delivery. Managing and overseeing press supervision and digital deliverables.

Rosenthal & Rosenthal

Corporate Collateral

Design, image, brand  and production direction for informational and marketing collateral

Cytogen Corporation

Leading the Way - To Improve Quality of Life

Cytogen Corporation, a pharmaceutical company with a portfolio of oncology products had a was a dual theme; " Leading the way - in meeting the clinical needs of patients and the journey to new opportunities"  to accentuate business goals for the company. The theme then  transitions into "The journey to new opportunities - to improve quality of life" which relates to the end goal of the patients


The company wanted a different direction than the usual patient or clinical images to support how the company has strategically approaches both clinical solutions and business development. They look at each strategic plan as a journey of planning, preparation, endurance and determination to be successful. I highlighted those attributes through illustrations and played off their corporate logo which highlight a torch to the determination of "business" Olympians. 

Cytogen layers_4