Experience designing and directing solutions that push forward messaging initiatives driven towards internal & external markets. Engaging and stimulating communities, stakeholders, employees and other audiences towards a driven purpose. 

Greencore Technology, Inc.

Coolest Way to Go Green

Quick Blitz Advertising.

Various Clientele

Publishing, Marketing Brochures and Insert Advertising

Design and direction driven by purpose and Audience.

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Jefferson's Bourbon 

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Delivering What Matters, Naturally

Sealed Air Corporation acquired a new business segment which had a sustainable product that was being sold wholesale. The company wanted to bring the product line into the retail market. The task was to come up with product naming, identity, packaging and build a retail market campaign to introduce into the market.

The concept behind the name Blueware for this product was to differentiate from the traditional environmentally "green" products. The fact that the product can dissolve in any body of water without endangering the environment, makes it better than "being green", its "Blue".

Naples Botanical Garden

Cultivate Your Senses.

Digital, Web and Environment design campaign

Ad Design, Process and Distribution Solution

After designing multiple ads for Hub international. They needed a solution to help each of their nationwide locations to be able to order and request new and templated advertisements and magazine inserts quickly and efficiently.  Designed the dolutiona and directed the implementation of the website that would drive this. This fed more advertising work  to our design firm.

Media Kit

Financial advisement and investment firm needed to develop media kits for representative to have for one-to-one personal sales meetings.

Environmental Design